Month: September 2015

10 Things Never To Do In A Public Service Vehicle

September 28, 2015

Do not argue with the conductor. These people should come with a ‘Poke the bear at your own risk’ sign. When taunted, they will claw at the very root of your self-worth, destroy any sense of self-esteem you have, tear at the little pride you might have left after that, then add on an arrogant […]

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Temptation, Snooping And Other (Un)Related Things

September 14, 2015

Sometimes, when I am having a crappy day, like today, I prepare myself a strong cup of lemon coffee(a delight a certain geek friend of mine called Will introduced me to, one time when I had consulted him in a bid to reduce my program coding dumbness and evade an F,the grade.) and I sit […]

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