I have trouble letting go of relationships. Once I am in, I am in, and I never seem to find it in me to give up and let go.

Until he is urinating on all of my clothes and pouring maji ya madondo on them.

Or literally asking me to kill myself.

This ‘weakness’ of mine has led me down a path of frogs, toads and outright douchebags, most of who I get nauseated just thinking about.

Anyway, bad vibes and memories are gonna stay far away from this post (which comes after a long hiatus. Please don’t give me that look. I have been busy trying to have a decent living, which is fast becoming a luxury in this country. So I haven’t had the time to rant about one thing or the other) because today is a special day, and I want to let the world know about something (or someone rather) much better.

See, like many ladies, I have been broken before. Broken so hard I could barely recognize myself. I have given it all to men who didn’t deserve even the shortest strand of my hair. I have been good to people who turned around to show me new heights and levels of wickedness. Regardless, I have continued to believe in finding true love because I still believe that there are still some good people out here in the world.

A year ago on a day like this, I met a man. His first word to me was LOL. That, my friends, is how you know you are in for the ride of your life. That day was the beginning of a new story. A fresh start. A new chapter. And I could go on and on with the expressions, but I have just come back from a long trip to my village and I would very much like to sleep and rest as much as possible, before I go back to the ravenous beast that is my work tomorrow. So I will dive right into it.


Cliches are so cliche, but I don’t care, because you are the person that hugged me so tight that all my broken pieces were glued back together. You are the one person that has believed in me and pushed me towards being the best version of myself I can be. 

So thank you. For swiping right. For coming into my life and loving me unconditionally, with all my flaws. And farts. 

You came to me during the darkest time of my life and you shone a light so bright it cleared all the sorrow.

Thank you, for putting up with my numerous rants. For being my punching bag when I was looking to vent. 

Thank you for being beautifully weird. Because the weird ones are always the best.

Thank you for always holding my hand. For getting me back in line when I was straying.

For bringing hope when I was discouraged.

For the fights because they made us stronger.

For crying with me in sorrow and laughing with me in joy.

For always answering my ‘Am I getting fat?’s perfectly.

For bringing Game of Thrones into my life (Looooooooooooord!!!)

For your ‘Hii ni nini?’s

For all the storms we have braved, and all the memories made.

For making it work even when we were thousands of miles apart.

For picking me up when I was down and fixing my heart.

For being my partner. In work, in travel, in movie, in food and in Christ.

For all the Happy Dances. 


For being my friend, brother, advisor, number one supporter, mucene-mate, accountabilibuddy, my love.

So here’s to another year of laughter and tears. Of you making software as I break them (lol)

Of us seeing the world and conquering our fears.

Of you watching your weird animes as I watch my random 3.5-rated movies

Of Fez BBQ, giant pizzas, movie marathons and falling asleep together

Of visiting the ‘Great Wall of China’

Of making up funny stories in our heads about people who are mean to us at work, just so we can get through the day.

Of working towards our dreams and visions.

Another year of growing spiritually as we work to please the Lord.

Of His light and His favor shining upon and through us.

I may not always have the right words to say, 

But I will always be right here to listen. 

I love you. 

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4 thoughts on “And You Sir, Are The Best Thing That Has Happened To Me. Therefore I Will Love You”

  1. I love it. Happy for you. Like the part he brought #GOT in your life. It’s fun to watch their crazy shows & in return force them to watch chick flicks.

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