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taking stock

Taking Stock: February 2018

February 26, 2018

Howdy! This is my second installment of the Taking Stock Series. The year’s off to a good, but slow start, and I feel like now is a good time to take stock. Let’s go! Making: a vision board for 2018. I know it’s already way into the year and these kinds of things are usually […]

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Social media addict

This Is Why You Need To Take A Break From Social Media

February 19, 2018

Have you watched Black Mirror? If you haven’t, you need to. YOU ๐Ÿ‘ HAVE ๐Ÿ‘ TO! The series paints the perfect picture of how social media and the internet in general, has taken over our lives, as we wake up every day to log into our phones and computers and seek validation from strangers on […]

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2017 in Retrospective; 2018 in Perspective

January 1, 2018

I have been unsuccessfully trying to blog for a while. For months, my mind has just been an empty goo of blank. I’d blame it on writer’s block but that wouldn’t entirely be true. The truth is, I have just been lazy. And busy with my 9 to 5. In addition, my hosting expired, sometime […]

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Today You Are Here, Tomorrow You Are Somewhere Else

September 7, 2017

I am on the commuter train heading to work. Another long day of building someone’s dreams. Another long day of emails, meetings, calls, chats, documents, sign offs, and a tonne of plastic smiles. I have since mastered the art of plastic smiling. Flashing my teeth someone’s way and pretending to be genuinely amused, when I […]

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We Need New Names

September 6, 2017

I must admit, I haven’t read in a while. Which is bad because a good writer is a good reader. Maybe this is the reason why I lost my mojo and couldn’t write for months. The last book I read was one I have always wanted to read after my friend (thanks, Wilcky) shared an […]

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Karma Is A Lost Hen

September 3, 2017

I envy people whose shaggz is just a few minutes or hours away from the city. Those who can easily travel home, have lunch with the peeps and travel back, all in a day. ย For me, travelling home via public transport is an entire day or night’s affair, depending on what time I choose to […]

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