We Need New Names

September 6, 2017

I must admit, I haven’t read in a while. Which is bad because a good writer is a good reader. Maybe this is the reason why I lost my mojo and couldn’t write for months. The last book I read was one I have always wanted to read after my friend (thanks, Wilcky) shared an […]

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girl's heart

This Is How You Win A Girl’s Heart

September 2, 2017

We could be friends, we could date, we could hang out. As long as you do these 5 simple things. 1. Food. Fries Before Guys. Food Before Dudes. I can’t say this enough. Get me good food and you have me. My current favorites are some Nuvita biscuits called Hobnobs. Wueh! Those little chocolatey traitors […]

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BEDA 1: Learn The Rules Like A Pro. So You Can Break Them Like An Artist

September 1, 2017

Happy New Month. I love September. Mostly because it’s my birthday month. And my sister’s. And my brother’s. And John Wick’s. And Beyonce’s. Do you share a birthday month with Beyonce? Will Smith? No? Sit down. This awesome month, I am embarking on

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Letter To Professor Doctor (MSC. MBA. YOLO) Public University Lecturer

March 21, 2017

Dear Lecturer, I can’t quite remember how you look like because I have only seen you twice; once when you made a 10-minute technical appearance in class when we first reported to school, and the other time you were on TV,with your fellow learned colleagues, bellowing¬†‘Solidarity Forever’ chants, demanding that the government addresses your grievances. […]

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Death By Bad Breathe

August 15, 2016

Why do I always get to sit next to the strangest people in public transport? If it isn’t the lady that keeps unleashing heinous farts, and then wriggling her nose like the rest of us when the pungent stench wafts through the air, threatening to pass all of us out,¬† it is the freak that […]

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