Never thought I would ever get a non-stick pan. To me, it was one of the most overrated pieces of utensils in the kitchen. It always felt like it was a sort of luxury that didn’t really add any value to the taste of my food. I was mainly skewed to think this way because of this one guy I dated, who would treat his non-stick pan like it was an irreplaceable piece of painite. No really, he would get mad if it was used for anything other than frying eggs. It was cleaned IMMEDIATELY after use and returned to the safety of its packaging box. When using it, the heat had to be at a medium-low. Didn’t matter what you were cooking; it was either you use it at medium-low or you don’t use it at all. I never really thought about how ridiculous that was (oh how love makes us blind) until I got a non-stick pan of my own. I mean granted, you want it to last but man, it is never that serious. 

I didn’t purposefully go out to get a non-stick pan. I just needed a pan, because I got tired of my mandazis not rising in my small sufurias, and it was almost impossible to execute all the recipes online that needed frying. Then I thought to myself, If I am going to get a pan, why can’t I just go all out and get a non-stick one? So I did. And my life in the kitchen has never been more blissful! This pan is the best purchase decision I am yet to make.

Need to fry sausages? Non-stick pan for the win!

Is it chapati night today? Non-stick pan for the win!

Got some left-over pizza you need to warm? Non-stick pan for the win!

Feel like having chips? Non-stick pan for the win!

In the mood for some home-made KFC-looking chicken? Non-stick pan for the win!

Pancakes for breakfast? Non-stick pan for the win!

Need to make a delicious serving of omena? NON. STICK. PAN. FOR. THE. WIN!!

To be honest, now that I have my own, I kind of understand why the guy took such great care of his pan. It needs special care, if you want to keep it in good condition. Very unlike my Kaluworks steel sufurias. I am reminded of this househelp we had who scrubbed her hands away at our only non-stick pan, because ‘hizi vitu nyeusi hazitoki aki!‘ By the time we intervened, well, the non-stick pan was just…pan. Non-stick pans need to be washed with mild dishwashing soap and a sponge. NO STEELWOOL. Additionally, if you want yours to last longer, avoid using cooking spoons made of metal on them. Plastic and wooden cooking spoons only. Do not store food in them and once you are done, store them in a dry place. You know, just the way you do to salt, sugar or flour.

Finally, if you need one of your own, I’d suggest you get it at one of three places in Nairobi:

  1. Any supermarket. They are retailed in all shapes, colours and sizes, in most supermarkets. Prices vary with size, brand and
  2. Miniso. If you would like a colorful ceramic round pan, this is the place to go. Miniso stores are at The Hub in Karen, Two Rivers Mall, The Southfield Mall, The Junction Mall, Village Market, and Thika Road Mall.
  3. Kamukunji, if you are looking for a great pan at a cheaper price. This is the go-to place for all things kitchen and home in general, and most of the items are sold at a wholesale price. This means that most items are waaaaay cheaper than they are in stores and supermarkets. Besides that, if you are good at bargaining, you are in luck.

So here is my parting shot; if you know what’s good for your kitchen, you best run off and get yourself a good non-stick pan. Trust me, it is worth every coin you are going to spend on it.



UPDATE: The back of my once sky-blue Miniso pan now looks like it’s been living out in the rain, all brown and rusty-looking. The sponge does not work and I am afraid of using a scouring pad on it because I feel like the color will come off. A frustrated me (yes, I love the pan enough to get frustrated over how it looks) has done a quick internet search, and when I get home today I am going to try this DIY idea I saw on the internet; vinegar and baking soda. Let’s see how that goes. 

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