It’s twelve minutes past midnight. Just got into a fight with the man and I’m thinking of heading to the kitchen to find things to stuff in my face. Food will never disappoint, food will never annoy, food is loyal. Love food.

After I can’t stuff my face anymore, I’m going to lie on my bed picking my face, biting my nails and lips, and then eventually, I’ll try to sleep away what has turned out to be a troublesome Friday evening. Or maybe I’ll watch something on Netflix all night, and then sleep the day away tomorrow. I’m stressed. Don’t judge my sleeping habits. Or I could hop onto my keyboard and play some sad ballads to go with my mood. Not sure yet — still considering my options.

Right now I’m super grateful that Uber Eats is closed because it is nights like this that will have me bankrupt myself by ordering the entire menu of a restaurant, just to indulge my stress eating. Really, how do people lose their appetites when they are sad or stressed? Yaani ati you’re sad mpaka you can’t put edibles in your mouth? Can never be me. I chafua! Calories na stretch marks baadaye.

If you can’t already tell by now, I don’t know where I’m going with this. All I know for sure is that at this very moment, the shawarma I had reserved for tomorrow’s lunch is calling out to me. The more I think of it, the more I’m certain that I’m going to make some fries to go with it. I might even take it up a notch and make some nice raspberry lemon tea to wash everything down. The man does love this tea so I think I’ll make some and enjoy it ALL BY MYSELF. You get nothing, man. You’ve been a bad boy!

Sigh. Why do relationships have to be so complex? Sometimes you want to pour all your blood out just to show your love for someone. Other times you want to choke the life out of them. Sometimes you feel like it’s just the two of you against the world. Other times you feel like even if that person was the only other person in the world, you’d rather iron grass than talk to them. And why is it that amidst all the arguing and the fighting, deep down, you still know that your love for them remains unwavering? Argh! Love is a mess. Love is beautiful. But it is also a mess.


I was hoping that by the time I’m done typing out this rant, I would have changed my mind about my lethal shawarma-fries-raspberry lemon tea combo. If you must know, I haven’t. Might even throw in some salad because vitamins, right?

Side note: why do people even eat olives? Those little devils are atrocities that don’t deserve to be classified as edible and safe for human consumption.

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