This is my second installment of the Taking Stock Series. The year’s off to a good, but slow start, and I feel like now is a good time to take stock.

Let’s go!

Making: a vision board for 2018. I know it’s already way into the year and these kinds of things are usually done as new year resolutions, but I just need to keep my eye on my goals and always be reminded of them when I slack. And Lord knows, I can be quite the slacker. If you need to make one for yourself I recommend using RealTime Board.

Reading: Things I Wish I Knew Before I Got

Married by Gary D. Chapman. The book has opened my eyes to what marriage means and more especially, what it takes to have a successful marriage. Truth be told, most people nowadays take more time to prepare their cooking ingredients than they take to prepare for marriage. The result? Divorce and miserable people stuck in failed marriages.

Feeling: Swamped. Things at work are crazy right now and sometimes I wish I could just tap out. 😥

Watching: Suits, Altered Carbon, and a very interesting segment on France24 channel called Tech24. Comes on every evening at around 8 p.m. and every time I learn something new about technology, which is my field of work.

Wishing: I had a bucket load of money and a yacht just for good measure.

Thinking: of my family a lot.

Missing: Nate. Ever since I moved out I miss him every day. Nate’s my two-year-old nephew, just to be clear.

Cooking: Nigerian stew, which is currently my favorite food.

Eating: Like I just said, Nigerian stew. And Egusi soup. Let’s just say that it is an acquired taste. 🤐

Drinking: A lot of Kericho Gold’s Green Tea and Lemon and it is the real deal.

Looking: like a bomb dropped on my head. That’s what my man said about the outcome, when I tried to do twist-outs on my hair. 😂😂😂

Liking: South African music a lot of late. Vusi Nova and Musa are currently on replay.

Loving: the buzz about Black Panther. I have never been more proud to be African! 🙅🏾

Smelling: something in the room that smells as if someone went to the washroom and forgot to wipe themselves. Or they did but did not use enough tissue paper.

Wanting: to be a better human being. We should all aim to be.

Wondering: when the rain will fall on us in our beloved Nairobi. To be honest, the sweaty armpits and smelly weaves are starting to get to me.

Wearing: a lot of cheapies; nail polish, old skool shoes, necklaces from Ali Express…cheapies are life!

Giggling: at funny videos on Instagram. And at silly inside jokes with my man. Always a good time with that one. 😊😊

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