I must admit, I haven’t read in a while. Which is bad because a good writer is a good reader. Maybe this is the reason why I lost my mojo and couldn’t write for months. The last book I read was one I have always wanted to read after my friend (thanks, Wilcky) shared an excerpt from it with me; We Need New Names by Noviolet Bulawayo. It is the only book I have really read from start to finish. No, high school set books don’t count.

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Honestly, thanks to my cockroach memory, I don’t remember every important detail about the book, except for a girl called Darling longs to have a life beyond her home in the ghetto Paradise. She finally gets to go live abroad, and she finally realizes that it is not as glorious as she thought it was. While I would like to go into detail about the book, I won’t, first, because this is not a review and two, again, cockroach memory. So what is the one thing I took out of the book?

Friends and family are everything.

They will annoy you. They will badge into your business and will constantly snoop around. They will ask you for money because you live in the big city and according to them, we harvest money from trees here. They will call you and text you and forward annoying Whatsapp messages to you. They will leave embarrassing comments on your social media posts and try to hook you up with Mama Nani’s son, nephew, or grandson.

But at the end of the day, family is gonna hold it down for you. Real friends will come through for you when life gives you ass. So treasure those moments. Love them, as weird as they come. Travel home as much as you can. Answer that phone call even when you really just want to ignore it and go on with your life because you know it’s another rant about how you are ‘wasting your life’.

Buy your mother a small gift. Send your Dad some money to buy a soda when you can. Because they won’t always be around. Life is unpredictable. People travel and never come back. People get sick. PEOPLE DIE. So why cry, dress up and buy a bunch of roses to decorate their grave when they are gone, when you can create memories with them now?


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